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  • Property owners: Committed to help getting fair deal for their property in the market by giving wide publicity on the mostly used internet media, guide them about their rights, the procedures involved and assist them in getting their grievances, if any settled through appropriate channels. .
  • Buyers of the Property : Committed to provide on their computer a wide range of foreclosure properties to choose, make them aware of the procedures followed by financial institutions, enhance their knowledge on related acts, rules and latest news, furnish information about specified choice through mail, inspect the properties and participating in auctions on their behalf and assist them in getting their grievances, if any settled through appropriate channels.
  • Financial institutions : Committed to help getting more response for their advertisement, provide assistance for inspection of the properties by prospective buyers, conducting auctions on their behalf in the manner directed with utmost transparency, within the framework of relevant laws, acts and rules, thereby making their valuable time free for their core banking activity.
  • People : To enhance their knowledge on foreclosure properties, related acts, procedures involved, latest developments, and dispel myths about foreclosure properties.
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    Out of the three advertisements listed on your website, we are pleased to inform you that we have received good response from the public and we have received numerous calls regarding the auction and details of the properties. One property at Kodambakkam has already been sold. We trust that due to the exposure on your website, we expect a good response from the general public. This is a laudable initiative on part of your company as it indirectly helps in effecting recovery of the hard core NPA's in the banking system. Please keep up the good work in future also.

    With warm regards

    Central Bank of India
    Asset Recovery Branch

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    None of your mails went waste. All of the mails have been read carefully and has been given the utmost importance. Thanks a lot for the mails. Because of your mails I was able to purchase one property successfully and my friends purchased two properties successfully upon my advice by seeing your mails. I am insisting many of my friends to go for properties through the site and now your website is almost popular to my friends in my circle. I am trying my best to popularize even more and working hard for you. Many a times our people in Hyderabad, India, called me and asked me the details and advantages of buying the properties through the website. I honor this mail to me in my inbox very much and thank you once again for your continuous effort of serving me with your valuable mails.

    Mohanlal Mistry,
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