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+91 81420 00063 Listing ID - 133892 Details:

October 24th, 2013

This Auction is Closed. ×
Listing ID : 133892
Institution : State Bank Of Hyderabad,(Contact Sri.P.Sivanjaneyulu,Ph.No.9177018482,040-247661610)
Institution Branch : Stredded Assets Management Branch,Hyderabad
Borrower Name : M/s.RSR Jewellers Pvt.Ltd
Property Type : Commercial Property
Property Details :
All that Jewellery Making Machinery Viz.

1.Model Making Machine

2.One Photo Making in Gold

3.Hollow Tube Making Machine

4.Cutting Machine

5.Gold Testing Hall Mark Machine

6.Gold Refinery

7.Weighing Machine

8.Marking Machine

9.Finishing Machine

10.Casting Investment

11.Grinding Machine

12.Vaccum Wax injection Machine

14.Induction Furnace

15.Gold Tech Casting Machine

16.Gold Tech Vulcanizing Press

17.Gold Tech was injector

18.Gold Tech Burn Out Furnace

19.Gold Tech Ultra Sonic cleaner

20.Electro plating machine

21.Gold tech magnetic polisher

22.Gold Tech steam cleaning

23.Gold Tech DC was

24.Water Wielding Machine

25.Gold Chain Machine

26.Goldtech Buffering Machine

27.Wire drawing Machine
Address Details : Property, Situated at ,
Hyderabad, Hyderabad,
Reserve Price : INR 1,44,10,000 /-
Auction Date : 26/11/2013
Auction Time : 2:30 PM

Approximate Area Location Only Listing ID - 133892 Notice: