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+91 81420 00063 Listing ID - 156522 Details:

April 29th, 2014

Listing ID : 156522
Institution : Tamilnad Mercantile Bank Ltd
Institution Branch : Dindigul Branch
Borrower Name : M/s. Annapoorna Exporters
Property Type : Plot
Property Details : 1. Land to the extent at S. No. 537/1B, 16,895.00 Sq. ft. ( 38 3/4 Cents) and at S. No. 537/1C-20,492.00 sq. ft. ( 47 Cents) Koovanuthu Village, Sanarpatti. Sub. D. Dindigul, Re. District. A. for S.No.537/1B (16895.00 sq.ft.) North. Property of Mrs. Kaveryammal Vahaiyarah, South. Natham Main Road, East. Property in S. No. 537/1C , West. 6 feet North-South pathway. B. for S. No. 537/1C (20492.00 sq. ft.) North. Property of Mr. Kumarsamy, South. Natham main Road, East. Property of Mr. Raju abd Mr.Asirvatham, West. Property in S. No. 537/1B. The above properties stand in the name of Late Mr. k. G. Selvaraj.
Address Details : situated at, Koovanuthu village,
Sanarpartti, Dindigul,
Reserve Price : INR 74,00,000 /-
Auction Date : 19/06/2014
Auction Time : 11:00 AM

Approximate Area Location Only Listing ID - 156522 Notice: