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+91 81420 00063 Listing ID - 167898 Details:

July 22nd, 2014

Listing ID : 167898
Institution : Canara Bank
Institution Branch : Camp Bazar,Kannur
Borrower Name : Sri.K.P.Noorudeen
Property Type : House
Property Details : Land and Building Measuring EM of 113 Cents (35+78 Cents)(45.75 Ares),9 1/4 Cents(3.74 Ares),16.50 Cents(6.68 Ares),3.75 Cents(1.52 Ares),20.125Cents(8.15 Ares),32.50 Cents(13.16 Ares),200 Cents(125+75 Cents)(80.97 Ares),75 Cents(30.36 Ares),372.25 Cents(150.70 Ares),6 Cents(2.43 Ares),154.50 Cents(62.55 Ares,31 Cents(12.55 Ares),14 Cents(5.67 Ares),15.50 Cents(6.27 Ares),34 Cents(13.76 Ares),31.20 Cents(12.63 Ares),57 Cents(23.07 Ares),88 Cents(35.62 Ares),28.25 Cents(11.44 Ares),20 Cents(11.44 Ares),20 Cents(8.09 Ares),100 Cents(40.48 Ares),28.50 Cents(11.54 Ares),20.50 Cents(8.29 Ares),11 Cents(4.45 Ares)
Address Details : Sy No.27/1,125/1,27/1,R.S.No.123/1A,106,, Valiyannur Amsom,Varam Desom,,
Kannur Taluk,Kannur District,,
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