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+91 81420 00063 Listing ID - 206538 Details:

April 13th, 2015

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Listing ID : 206538
Institution : IDBI Bank Limited,(Contact M/s.4Closure,Ph.No.91-8142000063)
Institution Branch : Kolkata
Borrower Name : Singh Cloth Stores & Ors
Property Type : Commercial Property
Property Details :
3.All that out of 11 decimal of bastu, at present shop in Dag No.3504, 2.4 decimal of land which is the three storied pucca brick built house shop room, standing on 2.4 decimal of land in sub-plot marked A and 0.4 decimal out of 0.8 decimal of land 1/3 rd share or part 2.4 decimal of land in the said sub-plot marked “A” and in the aforesaid pucca three storied brick built building or shop the ground floor, that is, pucca brick built shop building measuring 756.14 sq ft in sub-plot marked "A1" shown by being butted and bounded with red colour border or boundary, staircase measuring 160 sq.ft. in 1/3rd share of 480 sq ft out of total 916.14 sq ft. and amount of 458.07 out of total 916.14 sqft. covers shop room including 5 ft wide common passage in the ground floor together with all and entire right is included under the Deed of Sale under P.S and Municipality Basirhat, Mouza-Basirhat, J.L No.43, R.S No.133, Touzi No.616 included under Khatian No. 1675 of Rev., Settlement Survey under Old Khatian No.1670 (Kha) of Basirhat Municipality and included within Holding No.708/25.

The four boundaries of the same: On the North: Bibhu Chatterjee On the South: Itinda Road On the East: Five feet wide common passage On the West: Five feet wide common passage and to its west is the Balaka Club.

And the 2.4 decimal of land stands is within the said four boundaries. But it is known that pucca bricks build house shop building. It stair case and staircase rooms of the subplots marked “A2” and “A3”. It is also known that there is 5 ft wide common passage to the eastrern and western side of the land in sub plot marked A.
Address Details : J.L No.43, R.S No.133, Touzi No.616,Khatian No.1675,Old Khatian No.1670 (,
Basirhat Municipality,P.S & Basirhat,Mouza Basirhat, Basirhat,
Reserve Price : /-
Auction Date : First Cum First Sale
Auction Time : 11:00 AM

Approximate Area Location Only Listing ID - 206538 Notice: