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+91 81420 00063 Listing ID - 151377 Details:

March 18th, 2014

Listing ID : 151377
Institution : DRT-I,(CBI,Contact Cheif Manager,Ph.No.044-28582078,09962094692)
Institution Branch : Asset Recovery Branch,Chennai
Borrower Name : M/s.Capro Connections & Ors
Property Type : Plot
Property Details :
The following lands situated at Mela Arasarady Village, Ottapidaram Taluk and lying within the Sub-Registration District and Registration District of Tuticorin.

S.No.1,Survey No.18/2B,Extent:5.79 acres

On the North: East-West Pathway On the South : Punjai of Veerasamy On the East: Tuticorin Ettayapuram Road On the West : SP Venkatasamy Punja land

S.No.2,Survey No.19/2A,Extent:2.86 acres

Boundaries:On the North: P.T.Chidambaram Punjai On the South : East-West Pathway On the East : Rathinasamy Nadar Punjai On the West: Alwarsamy Naicker Punjai

S.No.3,Survey No.4/1,Extent:3.31 acres

Boundaries:On the North:Ramasubbu Naicker Punjai On the South : East-West Odai On the East : Ramasamy Rengasamy Punjai On the West : Valasamudram Village boundary
Address Details : Survey No.18/2B,19/2A,4/1, Mela Arasarady Village,
Ottapidaram Taluk,Sub Regn Dist & Regn Dist Of Turicorin, Tuticorin,
Reserve Price : INR 2,25,00,000 /-
Auction Date : 21/04/2014
Auction Time : 11:00 AM

Approximate Area Location Only Listing ID - 151377 Notice: