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+91 81420 00063 Listing ID - 207101 Details:

April 17th, 2015

Listing ID : 207101
Institution : Allahabad Bank,(PH.No.06542220019)
Institution Branch : Bokaro Steel City Branch,Nayamore
Borrower Name : Eastern India Cements Pvt.Ltd & Ors
Property Type : Commercial Property
Property Details :
1.Consisting of land,shed & RCC buildings being Industrial Plot Nos.IV/B-4(P) and IV/B-10(P),Phase IV at Bokaro Industrial Area

Survey Khata No.121,120,177,58,108,13,76,Survey Plot Nos.117 (F),118(F),119(P),352(P),692(P),693(F),694(P),697(P),698(P),699(P),700(F),701(F),702(F),703(F),704(P),707(P),708(F),709(F),710(F),711(P),42(P),43(P),89(P),90(F),91(F),92(F),93(F),94(P),96(P),105(P),111(P),112(P),115(P),116(F) Area 12 acres,plant & machinery-Cement Unit 3 Nos,Ball MNall with 1.8 M x 8M with 250 & 220 HP motors,3 Nos.Bucket Elevators,2 Nos.Cement Silos,Packing unit of Cement (2),Pollution control equipment slag drier to reduve moisture of 5 TPH capacity coal fire,weighing Machine,Feeding Hoppers Nos.with Accessories,Machine Shop Lathe Shaper Drill Etc,Pollution Equipment,Laboratory Equipment,Both End Pay Loader,Electrificaion including Cables,Transformer,Control Panel,MCB,OCB etc., Ball mill with motor,Blending Silo 200 Mt Capacity,Miscellaneous Movable items Village Mouza Gorabali,Thana Jaridih,Thana No.14,P.S.Balidih,Bokaro Industrial Area,Dist Bokaro conveyed vide lease deed No.10170 dated 23.12.1987

Bounded:North By:Industrial Plot No.IV/B-4(P) and IV/B-10(P),South By:Industrial Plot No.IV/B & IV/B-9,East By:10 Wide Road,On the West By:180 Wide Road
Address Details : Plot Nos.IV/B-4(P) and IV/B-10(P), Survey Khata No.121,120,177,58,108,13,76,Survey Pl,
Village Mouza Gorabali,Thana Jaridih,P.S.Balidih, Bokaro,
Reserve Price : INR 4,74,00,000 /-
Auction Date : 02/06/2015
Auction Time : 11:00 AM

Approximate Area Location Only Listing ID - 207101 Notice: