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+91 81420 00063 Listing ID - 167778 Details:

July 21st, 2014

Listing ID : 167778
Institution : State Bank of Hyderabad ( Branch Manager , Mobile No. 9866885686, Tel. No.0863-2233078)
Institution Branch : Arundalpet Branch , Guntur.
Borrower Name : Mr.Sri Ramabrahma Modern Rice Mill
Property Type : Commercial Property
Property Details : 1. Equitable Mortgage of Rice Mill Extent of Ac.1.45 cents in Constructed on Sy.No.76/A, 76/B, 28/1A. 28/1B, 28/3A, 28/1C in Nadimpalem gram panchayat, Prathipadu Mandal, Guntur District, A.P. standing in the name of M/s. Sri Rama Brahma Modern Rice Mills Private Limited a) As per Title deed No.3055/2009 an extent of 0.34 cents Bounded by: East: Land belongs to Jakkireddy Brahmareddy, South: Land belongs to Jakkireddy Brahmareddy, West: Property agreed to be purchased by Jakkireddy Brahmareddy from Lethavadla Kotaiah, North: Vaagu Porumboku Donka. b) As per Title deed No.3056/2009 : Extent of 0.79 cents Bounded by: East: Property purchased by Sri Ramabrahma Modern Rice mill pvt. Ltd From Gandikota Srinivasarao, South: Chavali Dhanunjayarao, West: Nallagorla Koteswar rao & others, North: Wagu poramboku. c) As per Title deed No.3000/2009: Extent of 0.16 cents Bounded by: East: Lethodla Lakshminarsu, West: Lethodla Kotaiah, West: Property belongs to Jakkireddy Brahma reddy, North: Gadikonta Srinivasa rao & others. d) As per Title deed No.3004/2009: Extent of 0.16 cents
Address Details : Situated at , Sy.No.76/A, 76/B, 28/1A. 28/1B, 28/3A, 28/1C ,
Nadipalem (GP),Prathipadu (M), Guntur District, A.P,
Vijayawada 522019
Reserve Price : INR 3,91,00,000 /-
Auction Date : 21/08/2014
Auction Time : 4:00 PM

Approximate Area Location Only Listing ID - 167778 Notice: