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+91 81420 00063 Listing ID - 191022 Details:

January 01st, 2015

Listing ID : 191022
Institution : Corporation Bank,(Ph.No.08562-243108,246740)
Institution Branch : Koti Reddy Circle,Kadapa
Borrower Name : M/s.The Mahila Vikasa Mutually Aided Co-operative Thrift Society Ltd & Ors
Property Type : House
Property Details :
2.Vacant House site, standing in the name of Smt. H Anasuyadevi, in an extent of 2.00 Cents, situated in S.No.136/A1 of Chinnachowk (V), near D.No.37/1174, near Nehru Nagar and Vidyuth Nagar, Ward No.37 (Old No.2), in Kadapa Municipal Corporation, Kadapa City.

Bounded By:East: Road (2.5m wide road) North: Past : Site of V Narayana Achari West: Site sold by S Ibrahimsab Present : New House of Derangula Sreenivasulu South: Site of P Abdulla Khan
Address Details : S.No.136/A1, D.No.37/1174,Ward No.37,Old No.2,Chinnachowk (V),
Kadapa Municipal Corporation,Nehru Nagar,Vidyuth Nagar, Kadapa,
Reserve Price : INR 2,75,000 /-
Auction Date : 02/02/2015
Auction Time : 3:00 PM

Approximate Area Location Only Listing ID - 191022 Notice: