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+91 81420 00063 Listing ID - 127974 Details:

August 29th, 2013

This Auction is Closed. ×
Listing ID : 127974
Institution : DRT(State Bank of Hyderabad-Contact Mr.P.Vikram, Ph.No.040-24761611,7207674234)
Institution Branch : Balanagar Branch, Hyderabad
Borrower Name : Smt.D.Sridevi & Ors
Property Type : Commercial Property
Property Details : Site of the extent of 414 Sq Yards hews the Northern half of Plot No. 177 pertaining to Door No. 30-15-39 (Old Door No 30-15-19) situated in T.S.No 1452, Block No. 41 of Allipuram Ward within the limits of Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation and bounded as follows: North:Building in Plot No. 178,East:75 feet Road,West :Building of Others,& South: The remaining half of Plot No. 177 Out of which Item-1. An extent of 13.8 sq.yds or 11.538 Sq.mtrs together with Shop No 1 measuring 350 Sq.ft at ground floor and bounded on North:Setback Space,East :75 feet Road,West:Shop No. 2 of D.r.D.Ravindranath, & South:Built up area of owners, covered by Sale Deed No. 2052/2000, dated 28.09.2000 belonging to Def.No.l. Item.2:- An extent of 13.8 Sq.yds or 11 538 Sq Mtrs together with Shop No.2 measuring 350 Sq.ft in ground floor and Bounded on:North:Setback Space, East :Shop No 1 of Smt.D.Sridevi, West: Shop No.3 of S.Venkata Ramaiah, & South:Built up area of owners Covered by Sale Deed No 3453/2000, dated 28.09.2000 belonging to Def.No 2. Item-3,- An extent of 13 8 Sq.Yards or 11.538 Sq.mtrs together with Shop No.3 measuring 350 Sq Ft. in ground floor and bounded on,North:Setback space,East: Shop No. 2 of Sri.D.Ravindranath, West: Set back space, & South:Built up area of owners. covered by Sale Deed No. 3454/2000 dated 28.09.2000 belonging to Def.No.3
Address Details : Shop No.1,2 & 3,Plot No.177,Block No.41, Door No.30-15-39 (Old Door No.30-15-19),
Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation, Allipuram,
Reserve Price : INR 41,00,000 /-
Auction Date : 27/09/2013
Auction Time : 12:00 PM

Approximate Area Location Only Listing ID - 127974 Notice: