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+91 81420 00063 Listing ID - 129229 Details:

September 08th, 2013

This Auction is Closed. ×
Listing ID : 129229
Institution : IDBI Bank( Contact No:8790911181,9849636969)
Institution Branch : Retail Assets Centre,Vishakapatnam
Borrower Name : Sri Veer Reddy Satti
Property Type : House
Property Details : All that piece of site measuring an extent of 29.56 Sq.yds or 24.71Sq.mts together with building consisting of ground floor measuring 252Sq.ft and 1st Floor measuring 175 Sq.ft bearing Door No.9-1-6/1,Assessment No.42500/41,Covered by T.S.No.44/part of Sivajipalem Village,waltair ward ,within the limits of SRO,Vishakaptnam and Greater Vishakapatnam Municipal Corporation Limits belonging to Shri Veer Reddy Satti vide Registeret Document NO.1107/2009 dt:31-01-2009, Bounded by-East :Gedda,South :Shops of Smt.padma,West :Road,North:Shops of Sri Gudla Ramulu, Measurements :East to West :38.00Feet or 11.38 meters,North to South :7.00Feet or 2.13 Meters. (Note:1.Inspection of property : Properties can be inspected from 01-10-2013 to 05-10-2013 from 11AM-4PM on any Working Days . 2.Last Date of Submission of Bid :07.10.2013 up to 4.00PM)
Address Details : Situated at Door No.9-1-6/1, Assessment No:42500/41,
Sivajipalem Village, Waltair,Vishakapatna,
Reserve Price : INR 10,00,000 /-
Auction Date : 09/10/2013
Auction Time : 10:30 AM

Approximate Area Location Only Listing ID - 129229 Notice: