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+91 81420 00063 Listing ID - 201343 Details:

March 04th, 2015

Listing ID : 201343
Institution : Corporation Bank
Institution Branch : Visakhapatnam
Borrower Name : M/s. Gauathree Foods
Property Type : Flat
Property Details : undivided and unspecified share of 40 sq yds or 33.445 sq.mtrs out of Total extent of 495 sq.yards together with residential unit, flat in Third Floor with a plinth area of 1300 sq.ft (including common area )Car Parking 66 sq.ft in Cellar Floor and other measurements
Address Details : Flat No.T-1,D.No.1-146/8,Patta No.43,Sy No.44/1A,S, Susarla Colony,Part of Gopalapatnam Village,,
Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation,Gopalapatnam S.R.O,Visakapatanam Dist,
Notice Date : 27/02/2015

Approximate Area Location Only Listing ID - 201343 Notice: