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Institution IDBI Bank (Contact No:8790911181,9849636969)
Institution Branch Retail Assets Centre,Vishakapatnam
Borrower Name Sri veer Reddy Satti
Asset Type House
Asset Location Waltair,Vishakapatna
Asset Details All that piece of site measuring an extent of 50 sq.yds or 41.60Sq.mts being undivided and unspecified share together with 900s.ft entire 1st floor building bearign Door No.9-1-6,assessment No:41446,Covered by T.S.No.44,Block No.4,TP No.11/6,of Sivajiplae
Asset Address Situated at Door No.9-1-6Assessment No:41446Sivajipalem Village
City Visakhapatnam
Reserve Price
Auction Date Time October 9th, 2013 at 2:30pm
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