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Institution Cholamandalam Investment And Finance Company Limited
Institution Branch Avinashi Road
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Contact Authorized Officer : Mr. Thiyagarajan , Mr.Muhammed Rahees   Mob. No.:8124000030

Auction Type Sarfaesi Auction
Borrower Name Mrs. P.Revathi
Asset Category Movable
Asset Type Machinery
Asset Details Plastic Letters-2BOX, 2. CPU Used 1 Box, 3. CPU Used-3 No-3 box, 4. Muidimedia Keyboard Year-2020-Del-KB216-3, 1. CP Plus HD Camera CPVACD10L2-V2-24, 8. CP Plus Network Camera 2MP
Asset Schedule

Description of items, Make model, Quantity: 1. Plastic Letters-2BOX, 2. CPU Used 1 Box, 3. CPU Used-3 No-3 box, 4. Muidimedia Keyboard Year-2020-Del-KB216-3, 1. CP Plus HD Camera CPVACD10L2-V2-24, 8. CP Plus Network Camera 2MP Network IR Bullet Camera 3.6mm Lens, 30 M Range, Year 2019 CP Plus -CP-UNC-TS21PL3-0360-1, 7. CP Plus HD Camera -Cosmic HD 2.4 MP IR Bullet Camera 3.6mm Lens, 20 Mtr Range, Year 2019- CP Plus -CP-USC-TA24L2-0380-1. 8. CP Plus Network Camera 2MP Network IR Bullet Camera 3.6mm Lens, 30 Mtr Range, Year 2021-CP Plus -CP UNC-TA21PL3-0360-6. CP Plus Intelligent Fell Colour HD Camera CP Plus CP-GPC-T2P62-8-11, 10. CP Plus HD Camera SMP FULL HD IR Bullet Camera 3.5mm, 20 Mir Range, Year 2021-CP Plus-CP- VAC-T50PL2-V2-2, 11. OZONE Wallcom Channel CCTV SMPS, Year-2020-Ozone OWC PS0108CHE -1, 12. TPLink-8 Port Gigabit Desktop Switch, Year-2020-TP LINK Technologies Co Ltd-TL-SG100080, Ver -8.20-1,13. 8-Port 10/100 Mbps Desktop Swich, 8-Port Mini Fast Ethernet Swich, year-2018-Tenda/TE-S 108-8,14 D-Link 5 Port 10/100 Mbps Desktop Swich, Device Supporting 802.3 Ethernet or 802.3u Fast Ethemet, Network Interface cand, Year 20200-link (india) Ltd DES100SC-4, 15. ERD -Power Supply With Cable Compensation Swich, Input 150-285 VAC, 50-60 Hz, Output 12VDC-1Amp(Each Channel) ERD Adaptor 4, 16. ADATA DDR4 2666 PC 421300-4 GB RAM. 1.2V- ADATA TECHNOLOGY L AD4U2666J4G19-R, DDR4 2666(19) 4GX4U-DIMM-2, 17.300 Mbps universal WiFi Range extender, Year 2018- Tp link Technologies Co LA-TL-WA850RE ver: 5.0-1, 18. Panel Box-1 No 1 box, 19. Wirelem Keyboard & Moura, Year 2020-Dell-Km112-1, 20. CP Plus Coamio HD Video Recorder Without Hard Disk, 1 SATA port, 1Ch Audio CP Plus CPUVR-0401L1-KH-4,21. Network Video Recorder Without Hard Disk, Year-2019-CP Plus, CP-UNR-C1041-H-3,22. HD Digital Video Recorder (DVR) Without Hard Disk, Year-2021-CPP, CP-UVR-0401E1-CS-2.21 CPU-CabinetCPU-1, 24. Panel Box 1, 25 Toner Cartridge-Lot. 26. Used Hard Disk-2. 27. CP Plus Switch pot-CP Plus-1, 28. Hikvision Digital Video Recorder, upto 4 MP, Year 2020Hikvision DS-7A16HOH1-K1-1, 29. Wall Mounting Regorder Cabin-CP Plus CP Plus-1, 30. Honey well-CATBUTP 4 Pair Solid Cable, Cable FR-PVC-ADO Meters- Honey well -1.31. Honey well-CAT6UTP 4 Pair Solid Cable 24AWG FR-PVC-305 Meters-Honey well-1, 32. CP Plus Digital Video Recorder-CP Plus-CP-UVR-1601E1-HC-2, 33. Cosmic HD Digital Video Recorder Without Hard Disk 1 SATA Port, ICh, Audio, H.265, Year-2020-CP Plus CP-UVR-0401F1-HC-6, 34. CP Plus 2.4MP HD IR Bullet Camera, 3.5mm, 20Mr Range, Year 2021- CP Plus CP-VAC-T24PL2-V3-9 35. CP Plus Cosmic HD 5 MP IR Dome 3.6mm, 20 Mrs Range, Year-2019-CP Plus-CP-USC-DCS1PL2 03600, 36. Passive-HDCU1-Single Channel-Lot, 37. New Cartridge Drum Lot, 38. Epson New Ink Bottle -14, 30. Dot Matrix Printer Cartridge ProductRefill Lot 40. EPSON Printer Inkiet-L3150 WIFI-EPSON -1,41. Monitor-HP-HFZOWD-1.42. CPU-2. 43. 16W LED Light-Wipro-15, 44. Used Laptop (1 No Without Screen)-Acer-4, 45. Microtech UPS Inverter-Microtech-1, 46. 17 Monitor-Dell- 1, 47. Keyboard & Mouse Logitek-Mk275-1, 48. Hikvision Turbo HD DVR Hikvision DS-7AD0 Senes-1, 48. Economy Series Power Supply (20+4 Pin), ZEB-N450W DSATA), Yoar 2021- Zebronics ZEB-N450W-DSATA-10, 50 ERD Switchmode Adapter, 150-240V,50-60Hz Year 2019-ERDPS-20/12V-3. 51. Intemet Security Kaspersky-3, 52. Hikvision Network Camera (4mm)- Hikvision/ H265-DS-2CD212WF-1-2, 53. Optical USB Mouse, Year-2020-Dell-MS116-3, 54. Hikvision Network Camera 4mm, Year-2020-Hikvision DS- 2CD1023G0E-1-2.55. USB Cable High Speed Transmission, 3.0V (Full Copper)- Termayle/TB-UB-0110- 9. 54. Adapter cable Lot, 57. Panel Box Small-1.5. Used Cartridge-3.59. Smart WiFi Pan & Ti Camera, Year-2020-Ezviz/CS-CBN (AD-1C2WFR)-1, 60 Power Beam-MS, Antenna Feed for PRE-M5-400..5 GHz Aimax PBE-MS-400-1, 61. Used Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor-Lenovo-1 set. 62. Monitor Dell-D1918H-1, 63. 19 LCD Monitor With LED BacklightAOC/E970SWNS-1, 64 Cushion Chair-2, 65. Showcase Glass 5xf-3 Packs 3,66. Showcase Glass-2xf-3 packs-3, 67. Cat6 UTP4 Pair Solid cable AWG FR-PVC-CM- 306 Mirs-Honeywell-3 bos, 68 Thermal Printer-24V, 2.5A- TVS/RP3210 Gold-1, 60 Used Cartridge, Cables & Scrap Items-1 Lot, 70. Wooden Drawer & Board 1 Lot. 71. Spill Air Conditioner-1.5 ton Haler-1, 72 Self made Computer Table With Drawer 2.73 Revolving Chair-2, 74 LED HOR Smart TV, X Reality Pro, Gice-80 Centimetre, Sr No. 8253484, Year-2019 Sony KLV-32W622G-1, 75. Pedestal Fan Anchor-1, 76. Toolbox-1.

Asset Address

Avinashi road, Coimbatore. 

Asset Location Avinashi Road
City Coimbatore
Reserve Price
Time Extention 3
Publication Date March 1st
Inspection Date and Time March 27th, 2024 at 11:00am - March 27th, 2024 at 4:00pm
Auction Date Time April 6th, 2024 at 11:00am
Auction End Date Time April 6th, 2024 at 1:00pm
Application Submission Deadline April 5th, 2024 at 5:00pm
E-Auction Provider 4Closure
E-Auction Url
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