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Institution Karur Vysya Bank Ltd
Institution Branch Asset Recovery Branch
Contact Details:

1.Manjunath Kulkami, Chief Manager

Phone: 9819321289

2.Mr. Amit R Mara the,Senior Manager

Phone: 9999591823

3.Mr. Kunal Soni Branch Manager

Phone : 9004692950

Auction Type Sarfaesi Auction
Borrower Name M/s. Arihant Texcome
Asset Category Immovable & Movable
Asset Type Machinery
Asset Details DCW 400 heavy duty capable
Asset Schedule

1. " SODAL TECH1 Automatic Paper Cone Winding Machine (Domestic Type) Model

DCW 400 heavy duty capable of doing following operations automatically with 1 std. size attachment (for 5'57" cone) 8b fitted with patented gripper mandrel (5'57 size) with nose cutting kneve etc. (Qty : 1 No.) 

a)Paper Reel Feeding

b)Edge Grinding (inside & outside edge)

c)Pattern Curring



f)Automatic Ejection

Supplied with cone feeding conveyor (to drier) machine fitted with suitable

electrical drives & control panel.

Connected Load - 11.15 KW

Cone Length : up to 180 mm

Out put up to 50 conees/minute.

2."SODAL TECH" PaperCone Finishing Machine

(Multiprocessor) to do bull noising, bas cutting, velvet finishing & bottom

grooving 8b cone collecting & nesting fitted with suitable electrical motors &


Supplied with 1 set of tooling for 1 std. cone taper(5'57")

For other tapers 4^20", 3'30" etc., extra set of tooling can be ordered at extra

cost. (Qty -2 Nos.)

Connected Load - 4.5 KW.

Output up to 32 cones/minute.

3."SODALTECH* glue preparation machine

Machine GPM 100 of 100 Kg. capacity with 0.75 KW, 3 phase AC Motor with

Geer Wheeles with 3 heaters each 2 KW with innerstainlesssteel drum with

outer MS tank with thermostate, waterlevel indicator & safety valve. (Qty - 1


4.^SODAL TECH" On -Line Conveyorized Paper Cone Dryer Model 50 K

with capacity to dry up to 60000 cones / day depending upon size of

cones. The dryer is provided to work electric heating arrangement 8s will have

automatic cone delivery conveyor. Dryersupplied with suitable energy saving

devices 8b with suitable drives with control panel etc. Price does not includes

chimney arrangementwhich is under buyer'sscope. (Qty - 1 No.)

Connected Load - 45 KW

5.On-Line Top & Bottom Printing Attachments

Suitable for DCW Model automatic paper cone machine with suitable ink

rollers 8b ink tank 8s matching drive assemble 8e supplied with printing stereo

of 1 std. design (Qty- 1 No.)

6.Extra attachment for making 4*20" cones(Qty - 1 set)

(Company-K. U. SODALMATHU 8b Co. Pvt. Ltd., Coimbatore)

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Asset Location Mumbai
City Mumbai
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Time Extention 10
Publication Date December 20th
Auction Date Time January 20th, 2022 at 10:00am
Auction End Date Time January 20th, 2022 at 1:00pm
Application Submission Deadline January 19th, 2022 at 3:00pm
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